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NUICA, Uganda is a registered National Non Governmental Organization operating in the war affected Northern Uganda, with its headquarters at Lira.


A prosperous and a healthy community of Northern Uganda free from violence.


To build a concerted efforts and synergy of member churches in the Alliance toward fighting HIV/AIDs, improving the quality of lives of the communities through Education, livelihood support and promoting human rights, peaceful co-existence.


1. God fearing
2. Transparency & Accountability
3. Zero-Tolerance to Corruption
4. Respect of human dignity.
5. Collaboration and Team spirit


a) Providing coordination of NUICA activities in northern region of Uganda with relevant local /global agencies and government.
b) Introduce, educate and support Local government, churches , faith Based organizations to be compliant to regulations that among others include QuAM
c) To use advocacy to protect the rights of minorities and marginalized groups. It is foreseen that advocacy can be used to suggest concrete solutions.
d) To influence policies and laws that the government, has adopted or is planning to adopt & how policies are applied in order to retain, change, or make policies that favour the welfare of the public
e) To Develop umbrella member organizations catalogue/profile and strengthen members capacity to achieve their full potential

Environmental Conservation

On environmental conservation, NUICA strives to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals number 7, 13 and 15 to ensure that the whole world lives in a healthy environment, abundant water, rainfall, fresh air, and a green world where ozone layer is protected. We believe that a well balanced ecosystem in the environment promotes the welfare of all the living organisms which in one way or the other would contribute to a stable environment for all. Accordingly, any attempt to disrupt the ecological balance by cutting trees, making charcoal, burning bushes, reclaiming swam among others, would result into adverse climatic change which not only affect a region but the globe. Human activities are to blame as far as environmental degradation is concerned. For example on average a school consumes about 6 Lorries of firewood in a term. Meaning 18 Lorries of firewood in a year and a village family consumes about 1-2 Lorries a year depending on whether the family is engaged in distillation of local Waragi or not.


Primary School Education

Lira, Uganda

Educate Children

NUICA regards education as the pillar of all development and social change related projects, which lead to positive transformation of community standard of living, as stipulated in the Sustainable Development Goal number 4 for inclusive education for all. In communities where many people are illiterate many people suffer from numerous illnesses, low income as a result of chronic poverty because people will remain in the viscous cycle of poverty, disease and ignorance, high criminal levels and superstitions. Consequently, many of the population remain dependants and unemployed and so no serious economically driven productivities except the rudimentary and petty micro businesses characterised by the type of activities in the informal sector with high tax evasion and avoidance. Northern Uganda is among the regions with high illiteracy level and the school dropout rates stands at 27% girls and 19% boys; signifying that about 60% of students do not go beyond ordinary levels.

Policy Influence, Human Rights and Good Governance:

NUICA believes in Good Governance, observance of the Rule of Law, Respect of Human rights but with specific emphasis on the vulnerable groups like women, youth, the disabled, people livening with HIV and orphans among others. In order to achieve that we advocate for promoting of gender equality, equitable distribution, access, ownership and use of resources and services in Uganda. Our primary focus is how the local communities are served or handled in as far as central and local government service delivery is concerned. In view of the above, policy influence is our best tool that enable us to come along side the government; particularly at the time of formulation, enactment and implementation of policies; to influence them so that they are favourable to the local voiceless local communities. This takes the form of lobbying, consultation, advocacy and educating the masses and empowering them to make informed decisions when they are consulted about making these laws. Some of our projects on policy influence include:

Peace Building & Conflict Resolution

Land has become a very important Asset in northern Uganda because of its social, economic, religious and political importance. Socially and culturally, land is attached to belonging, livelihood and how one traces his or her roots. This means losing land is like losing one’s identity and source of livelihood. That’s why cases of this kind results to conflict which may end up losing lives, property or both because one finds that his/her life is gone. Economically, land is a source of income, income security and wealth. It is from land where wealth is generated or even used as assured security for a credit facility. Spiritually, our fallen dear ones are buried-hence making it our permanent place since going far away from where your ancestors are buried means detachment from your roots and ancestral blessings which is believed to bring catastrophes or bad luck. This is evidence in what Rtd Bishop Macleod Backer Ochola once said, ” land is our mother and therefore our attachment to our land is permanent because at birth our umbilical cords are buried in it and when we die we are also swallowed back in its stomach”.


With support from Urgent Action Fund, NUICA successfully conducted community awareness, consultation meetings, and dialogues on the government's proposed land amendment bill are the outcome was a great success. Please read the report below and find out more.


NUICA is trying to create real and lasting impact on the citizens lives and operations. Please see the score card and see our perfromance targets.



HIV/AIDs Awareness


Policy Influence


Fund Utilized



Total Requirement of funds is $ 300,000

$ 15,000 Funds raised till date


In the Press ? Checkout Video.

TV News and News Paper report

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Below are some of the most recent activities carried out by NUICA


Land Policy Discussion

Gradciuos Palace Hotel, Lira


Land Policy Discussion

Gracious Palace Hotel


HIC/AIDs Awareness Drama


Environmental Conservation

Engaging youth in environmental conservation



Children's Agricultre Club


Better Education

Better education for primary schools


Community Dialogue

Community dialogue with leaders



Please reach us on the following contact information.


Our head office is conveniently located in Lira Municpality, Northern Uganda.Find us on the address below

ADDRESS :Room 8, First Floor, Ojwina Road, Plot 10, Muntu Investment Building

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